The Okanagan Dream Rally

Thank you to all who came out to watch or donated in support of The Okanagan Dream Rally on July 30th.

The Collision King team had an incredible time in their 5th year of participation as one of the 230 vehicles to take part this year. We also would love to give a tremendous thank you to the coordinators and volunteers; without you, this event wouldn’t happen.

The event was able to raise $1,700,000 for Ronald McDonald House Charities Canada British Columbia and Yukon, and KGH Foundation.

“My Son cannot read or write, but what he can do is remember the amazing time he had at The Dream Rally 2022. This day is an unforgettable day that changes a child’s life.

I would like to share our story from the perspective of a single Mom with a wonderful 12-year-old boy who has Down Syndrome. Sometimes it is really hard for a child like mine to fit in. He is challenged with speech, but when it comes to telling his story of this day, he has so many words to share.

I would like to thank Gordie Abougoush, who took time out of his busy schedule to Pilot my son. Gordie requested Alex to ride with him as they already had a history together.  We would go to the Drag Races at Mission Speedway, and Alex and Gordie formed a bond. The organizers of the Dream Rally graciously paired Alex with Gordie at his request.

We reside in Langley, BC. For over a month, every day, Alex would ask when the Dream Rally is. Well, there was a very excited little boy when the trip finally arrived! Upon arrival to the event, Alex saw Gordie, and he went running. He never left his side. We did not even get a chance to view the other amazing cars in the event. Knowing Alex is sensitive to loud noises, Gordie had sound-canceling headphones waiting for him. I no longer existed.  Alex just jumped into the car with a wave goodbye. He was so excited about the adventure in a loud and powerful Cobra. The headphones lasted until the bridge, where he took them off.  

Alex waved and smiled enthusiastically to all the crowds on the way to Penticton.  

They followed the Rally to the Airport, where the heat of the day was exhausting. This is where the real fun began! With my permission, they headed to Skaha Beach for a cool dip and swim in the lake. Refreshed, they headed to Mc Donalds, my son’s very favorite. It was amazing as they enjoyed a lengthy conversation. 

Back in the car the next pitstop was Peachland where they ran into family friends and enjoyed another frolic and swim in the lake.  

He had the most amazing day! Gordie was an outstanding driver, and the bond that they made on this day will never be broken. We plan to continue our friendship and look forward to seeing each other in the near future.  

The Dream rally is much more than an unforgettable day that puts a smile on children’s faces. It raises money for children in need, and it is a dream come true for so many special people, Drivers, and co-pilots alike. It is a life-changing experience that develops a child’s confidence, independence, and awareness.  

This is what the Dream Rally is really about.”

-Alex’s mom Karen

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